Jorge Camilo Valenzuela

Photographer – Private Instructor VIP

Using his experience as a professional photographer and traveler, a few months out of the year Jorge introduces wildlife photography to enthusiasts by taking them on a journey into the jungle.

Each trip includes a small group of just 2 to 4 people. Jorge shares his experience while offering advice and tips to those who want to take up wildlife photography.
The aim is to step into the shoes of a wildlife photographer, to learn how to look for, find, and observe the animals, to get to know one’s subject up close and in the wild, following the rhythm and seasons of the rainforest.

These photo safaris are unique. They are flexible with regard to scheduling, the itineraries are set according to weather forecasts, a boat with an expert guide is made available, and most importantly, Jorge shares all the insights, stories and tricks he has collected from his own experience.

Throughout the trip, travelers are given all the time and technical advice they need to take great photos.

The safaris are open to all nature lovers and enthusiasts, whether they prefer to simply observe with binoculars, or are eager to become beginner or semi-professional photographers.

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