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Experience an amazing adventure and follow a professional photographer leading you to the very best spots and teaching you photo shooting in the most beautiful ecosystems of the world.




Every year, from September to March, Jorge offers tailormade courses around the world with 4WD and/or private boat.

This unique and exclusive concept was designed to photograph wildlife in the respect and rhythm of nature within very small groups of 4 people maximum.

Whatever your level is, Jorge will develop your skills at your pace and with your own photography equipment.

Jorge Camilo Valenzuela was trained on the different aspects of filmmaking (shooting, film-making, screenwriting, production) at the International Institute for Image and Sound, at the University Paris III – La Sorbonne and at the European Conservatory of audiovisual writing.

He worked on several film shootings, made documentary films and teached at the University College Sabah Foundation in Malaysia.

Today, using his more than 14 years of experience exploring the jungles around the world, the professional photographer introduces small groups to wildlife photography.

Jorge shares his experience while offering advice and tips to those who want to take up wildlife photography. These unique photo safaris are designed for small groups of just 2 to 4 people.

The aim of this safari is to step into the shoes of a wildlife photographer, to learn how to look for, find, and observe the animals, to get to know one’s subject up close and in the wild, following the rhythm of seasons.

These tailormade photo safaris are flexible with regard to scheduling, the itineraries are set according to weather forecasts, a 4WD and/or a boat with an expert guide is made available, and most importantly, Jorge shares all the insights, stories and tricks he has collected from his own experience.

During these courses, travelers are given all the time and technical advice they need to take great photos. These photo safaris are open to amateurs, beginners or semi-professional photographers.

Un programme d’initiation aux techniques vidéos DSLR est aussi disponible pour ceux qui souhaitent une initiation aux techniques audiovisuelles avec une base théorique et beaucoup de pratique.

Il est précisé, à toutes fins utiles, que le photographe n’est, en aucun cas, une agence de voyage ou un voyagiste.



Safari Boat

From 2 300 € excl.flight / 7 nights
Base of 4 participants


Safari Boat + Trek to Science Base Camp

Starting at 3 100 € excl. flight / 9 nights
Base of 4 participants


Safari 4WD

Starting at 5 200 € excl. flight / 9 nights
Base of 4 participants


Photo Safari

Starting at 4 400 € excl. flight / 9 nights
Base of 4 participants


Photo Safari

Starting at 5600 € excl. flight / 9 nights
Base of 4 participants



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