Jungle Spirit

Jungle spirit is a photo work since 2004 in Amazonia (Peru), then Borneo (Malaysia & Brunei) and Africa (Ouganda). This full-size exhibition depicts the spirit and the essence of the most beautiful jungles in the world in Asia, Africa and South America.

The exhibition focuses on rain forest resources to increase visitors’ awareness of the world natural heritage’s beauty and importance. Its purpose is to present a wide range of species which are uneasily approachable, because of both their rarity and environment.

The exhibition assumes the role of an ambassador, taking the viewer to the center of the main lungs of the Earth.
It enables a diverse audience (educational teams, children, amateurs, …) to discover and be informed on a wide range of barely known species, and to stimulate one’s ecocitzenship by sparking reflexion on the future of the planet and changes to be made to preserve it.


Amazon basin is about 7 million square-kilometers wide, located between Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela, Equador, Colombia and Brasil. A fifth of the world fresh water is there.
In Peru, the Amazon basin covers about 60% of the country and gives birth to the Amazonia River. An amazing biodiversity lies there among which giant otters, jaguars, macaws, …
The bird list is stunning ! Cosha Cashu biological station in MANU national park registers 915 species, almost 10% of all species in the world.

AFRICA / Ouganda

Ouganda is an east african country. Bordered by Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Sudan and Tanzania. Worldwide known Victoria lake is partly located in the south of the country, full of surprises given the diversity of ecosystems including rain forests, savannas, deserts, … which hold a wide growing biodiversity.
Ouganda has 10 national parks, 12 wildlife reserves ans 5 sanctuaries where gorillas and mostly the alpha male, can be observed.
Unfortunately, only 700 of them remain, in the south of the montain and between Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

BORNEO / Malaysia (sabah sarawak) – Brunei

Borneo is a south-east-pacific island, fourth in the world in size (736.000 km2), shared by three countries : Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. In this equatorial, hot, satured air, and humid climate, amazing endemic species among which elephant pygmees, proboscis monkeys or flying dragons can be found.
The most famous primate, having a DNA 98% similar to man’s is orang utan, is regrettably also endangered because of deforestation.