Behind the scenes

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Behind the scenes


Into The Wild of Borneo

Four months of shooting: an initial 2-month solo expedition to capture most of the wildlife images, followed by another 2-month expedition with the whole team.

The filming took place in extremely difficult conditions (intense heat, humidity, rough terrain), with over 200 kilos of camera equipment that had to be transported through the jungle. There were a few unforeseen complications. We ran behind schedule and over budget due to weather conditions, and a few accidents occurred in the team along with some breaking of equipment…for a start.

Regardless, the memories we’ve kept are of an incredible real-life adventure. We poured a lot of money into that jungle—not to mention the sweat and blood (mosquitos and leeches were responsible for that), but the price was worth it and we’d do it all over again to bring you these unforgettable images…